Frequently Asked Questions

What is a financial advisor?

  • A financial adviser is a skilled and qualified professional that has the knowledge and experience to assist you in all aspects of personal financial planning.

Why do I need a financial advisor?

  • Every individual has turning points in their lives where they need assistance and having a professional to guide you in a constructive direction is helpful.
  • Everybody can benefit from using a financial advisor to assist in ensuring your financial affairs are in order.

What questions should I be asking my financial advisor?

  • Financial advisers are bound by legislation that protects your interests as an investor and governs their conduct and advice.
  • Fees are charged in two ways; either through commission based fees where the financial adviser earns a percentage of the product sold or an upfront fee which is charged on an hourly basis for the time spent with your financial adviser.
  • What process does the financial advisor follow to determine your needs? The financial advisor should gather information based on the clients current situation, income and liabilities; this is followed by a financial needs analysis; recommendations based on what your needs are; implementation of proposed recommendations; review and monitoring on an annual basis, where the financial adviser provides ongoing support and guidance to help the individual keep on track with their goals.
  • How often will the financial adviser meet with you & how will you communicate? Do you require regular interaction or do you prefer to contact him or her when things change in your life? Specify this before you end the meeting with your financial adviser. Ensure that the adviser you choose communicates with you and works in a way that you are comfortable with.