Life Assurance

Death is never an easy topic, however our advisor(s) are here to address this difficult discussion and provide you with the best possible solution for this inevitable eventuality.

The financial impact could be devastating if you have not catered for this event. The reality is that your family or the persons that are financially dependent on you could suffer a massive financial impact if you did not have Life cover in place.

An advisor is a phone call away to do a financial needs analysis in order to recommend the solution(s) for your current situation.

Disability Insurance

It is human nature to think we are invincible until something like a Disability occurs. Not planning for such an event, could place you in financial distress.

Disability cover caters for either a Lump Sum payout or a monthly income should you suffer a life changing event which results in either Temporary or Permanent Disability.

This cover assists in covering liabilities in the event of disability (e.g. your bond payment, rent, school fees) by ensuring you have funds available should you need to make modifications or alterations to your current lifestyle as well as providing ad hoc funds to cater for your rehabilitation costs.

Dread Disease Insurance

With current lifestyle choices and the stress of everyday life, Dread disease is required to cover your liabilities, medical expenses and your family should you suffer from a Dread Disease (Heart Attack, Cancer, Cardiac Surgery, Stroke, etc.)

Allow our financial advisor to guide and assist you in providing a comprehensive solution that will suit your needs.

Cover for Education

The cost of education is continuously rising. Saving for your childs education is therefore paramount to ensure that you are able to provide the best education possible.

Our financial advisor(s) will assist in planning for your children’s education as well as ensuring that the costs of education are covered in the event of you experiencing a life changing event.

Fiduciary Services

Dying Intestate

If you die without a valid will then the laws of intestate succession will determine how your estate will devolve. This may not be in accordance with what you may have wanted. This can also lead to unnecessary cost implications in the winding up of your estate, stress and unrest amongst your loved ones.

Why is it important to have a will?

A will is a very important document that effectively devolves your estate in accordance with your directions to the loved ones that you wish to benefit once you have died.

Amongst others it also allows you to cater for the support and maintenance of your surviving spouse, children or parents. You may also establish a Trust to administer the inheritance of any minor children to avoid such inheritance from being held by the Guardians Fund or for any such other purpose that you may have.

Wealth Solutions and Pre & Post Retirement

At each stage in your life it is important to consider wealth creation and wealth preservation. Building wealth for you and your family should be a priority at all times in your life. There are numerous ways to provision for the different stages in your life and a qualified financial adviser can assist you through these stages.

Short-Term Insurance - Personal & Commercial Lines

Everyone requires affordable and comprehensive short-term insurance options for their valuable items, be it their motor vehicles, homes or household contents. Our short-term specialist will assist you in ensuring you have the right product suited to your needs.